- Roy Juarez Jr.
- Roy Juarez Jr.

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Book: Chicken Soup for the soul: Extraordinary Teens


Roy Juarez Jr's personal story appears in this series.


Extraordinary Teens will inspire all with its tales of teenagers achieving great success. This book includes personal stories from many well-known young professional athletes, business entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, actors, writers and filmmakers. Every person shares his or her story along with priceless advice that will show you how you too, can achieve something extraordinary. 


(Autograph copies upon request)

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The Official "MyBag, MyHome: Homeless by Choice Tour" CD!


The HBC Tour started as a dream (literally) to inspire youth! This dream developed into a two year journey circling the country with a goal to bring families together, reignite dreams, and share the importance of a higher education!


Listen to national motivational speaker Roy Juarez Jr. as he shares personal stories from the HBC Tour and his life! You will be inspired to keep dreaming and become to change you want to see! 

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The "Be The Change" or "Better or Bitter?" wristbands!


These wristbands were created to encourage all who see them to be better or be the change they wish to see in this world!


Be a part of the change today and order a band for a friend or yourself! 

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