Kevon Lee

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Kevon Lee has lived a life that many could never comprehend. At the tender age of 5, he was placed in the foster care system due to being shot during a drug-related incident involving his parents.


The trauma suffered from the incident and separation from his family led Kevon down a path of depression. He turned to food to overcome the emptiness he was feeling. Kevon developed an eating disorder and became extremely obese.


As a teenager, Kevon's weight became to butt of his peer's jokes. While he was able to laugh it off externally, internally, it added to his depression.


Kevon was able to find hope in mentors, faith, and his grandmother, who he feels is his angel on earth. Through hard work and perseverance, he was able to turn everything around. He made his struggles his mission.


Today, Kevon is an activist for anti-bullying, education, and at-risk youth. He shares his traumatic story with the world to inspire and empower others to not give up and understand the power of their voice.


Kevon holds a bachelors' degree from California State University, San Bernardino, and is currently a student at California Baptist University, where he is working towards his Master's Degree in Higher Education Leadership and Student Development.


His sole mission is to leave an imprint on others' to keep moving forward and equip them with the tools and mindset needed to reach their personal and educational dreams.


His dream is to attain his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and give back to the youth and continue impacting the lives of young adults.

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