"Life isn't about getting even or proving them wrong. It's about loving who you are, finding your voice, and embracing the difference!"


- Danielle Juarez    


Name: Danielle Juarez

Favorite Color: Peach

Favorite Food: Sushi

Hobbies: Dancing, Going to Musicals, Singing with my girls in the car!, Shopping, and Collecting 80s movies!  


Danielle is the fourth child out of the five children. Roy has always felt that Danielle was the one who had the shortest end of the stick. He feels all the other siblings had a sense of childhood except for Danielle. Everything was taken from her.


As a little girl, Danielle loved to play dress up and dance around the house. She would sing all her favorite Disney cartoons as she fantasized about being a princess. That fantasy was short-lived. Soon her fantasy land would become real-life with the evil wizard and obstacles becoming real.


Danielle began being passed around from family member to family member. Creating feelings deep within her of rejection, abandonment, and lack of love; these emotions and thoughts would surface in her life during her teenage years. As Danielle struggled to find her way through elementary and middle school, life didn’t get any easier.


She was the victim of a hurting mother and siblings who didn’t know how to deal with the tremendous pain they too were feeling. Feeling completely unwanted by everyone, she fell for the attention and acceptance of a man who was kind to her. A man who accepted her and said he loved her. At the age of 18, without telling a soul, she married this man who was supposed to be her Prince Charming just like in her childhood fairytales. However, he was far from a “Prince Charming”. At this point, she had her first daughter and was blinded by her desire for the one thing she had always wanted… a family. Mentally tortured by her past, she held onto that dream even if it meant being physically and mentally abused. She wanted her daughter to have what she didn’t have in her life. 


It wasn’t until her second child was born that she realized she was reliving her past! She could see her daughters’ futures through her own life. This was a life that she didn’t want for them. She decided this was not the life she wanted for them. After a long struggle to leave him to include going into hiding just like her mother she finally found her voice.


Today, she fights really hard to be the best mother she can be. Still battling with the memories of the past, she knows the importance of moving forward and bettering her life. She is enrolled in college where she plans on becoming a high school counselor. It's her personal goal to continue her education until she receives her Ph.D.


Danielle has come a long way and feels there is light at the end of the tunnel. She knows there is still a long journey ahead of her and she’s made it this far…

His Mother         Sister Amy         Sister Tammy         Baby Ray

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