"Our darkest moments are the birthplace of our greatest victories!" - Roy Juarez Jr.
"Our darkest moments are the               birthplace of our greatest victories!"                                                             - Roy Juarez Jr.

"Live today as if your last day was tomorrrow."


Name: Amy Juarez-Martinez

Favorite Color: Turquiose

Favorite Food: Lasgana

Hobbies: Loves photography, Arts and Crafts, Making hairbows for her daugther, sewing, Cooking and baking. 


Amy is the oldest of all the siblings and is affectionately referred to as “Baby Amy”. She was named after her mother. Now, her mother’s name is not Amy however this nickname was given to her at a young age by her grandmother. In honor of her grandmother she decided to name her first daughter “Amy”. Today the family refers to Roy’s sister as Baby Amy and his mother as Momma Amy.


It is said as a toddler Baby Amy was the best child! Momma Amy says she never cried and has been cleaning her room since she was two years old.


Amy’s gentle spirit stayed with her through childhood and remains with her today. In many of Roy’s presentations you will hear him say… “My sister Amy has the biggest heart out of all of us. She would give you her last dollar.”


As a teenager, she filled her days playing sports and performing as a dancer for her high school dance team. Roy’s entire family is filled with dancers!


It was in high school when things at home took a turn for the worst. The relationship between Amy and her parents was being strained by the pressures of school, the family dynamics, and teenage life! Unable to deal with all the turmoil and pressure that her environment created she found herself hospitalized for depression. Shortly after her hospitalization, Amy decided to remove herself from her environment and moved in with her boyfriend while still in high school.


Today Amy is married to her high school sweetheart. They have been together for over 20 years! In 2010 their dream came true. After years of trying to be a family their daughter was born. It wasn’t an easy pregnancy. Her daughter Mia was born 10 weeks early and weighted 3lbs 8oz. She lived her first 33 days in an incubator. Not once did her new parents leave her side. Today she is a healthy and true blessing in Amy & Mark’s life.

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