"Our darkest moments are the birthplace of our greatest victories!" - Roy Juarez Jr. - CEO
"Our darkest moments are the               birthplace of our greatest victories!"                                                             - Roy Juarez Jr. - CEO

"You gotta put your past behind ya, Hakuna Matata!"


Name: Ray (Baby Ray) Reynosa

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Tacos

Hobbies: Basketball, Hiking, Fishing, Reading, Swimming and Hanging with Friends!


What shall we say about Baby Ray…? He is amazing, he has to be the sweetest and kindest young man you will ever meet! He has stolen the hearts of thousands simply because of his age in the Roy Juarez, Jr. story. It is hard to imagine a two-year-old in the midst of such a horrific storm.


The beautiful part of the story is that the storm has dissipated.


One of the greatest memories Roy carries with him is when he received a text from Baby Ray on fathers day in 2010. In the text message Baby Ray had written out the lyrics to a song, Roy would sing to him as a baby to put him to sleep. At the end of the text Baby Ray wrote... I love you, big brother!


Today Baby Ray isn’t so much a baby. He actually entered into his senior year of college. Currently, he lives with his mom and step-dad, who he refers to as his "roommates". He has some memory of what occurred but for the most part, was sheltered due to being so young at the time.


If he isn't at school or work (Educational Achievement Services) you will find him saving the world from zombies on his PS3! He is also very good at basketball and extremely creative! Since his family didn't have the means to provide game systems or board games while he was a child, Baby Ray began creating his own. He would create complete board games with rules, awards, and consequences that his siblings and he would play. Those are the memories that the family looks back on and smiles about. The sun never stops shining... even in a storm.


If you ever get a chance to meet him or spend time with him, you will find that he is extremely funny. He plans to attend college and dreams of being an entrepreneur of some sort! 

His Mother         Sister Amy         Sister Tammy         Sister Danielle

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  • Dorian Aranda (Thursday, March 08 18 11:30 am EST)

    What was it like being homeless at a small age?

  • juan villagomez (Wednesday, October 11 17 09:40 pm EDT)

    tell your brother that his story got me to cry even though that i wasn't actually crying i was crying on the inside and now i realize that i should be greatfull for what for what i have and tell him that he his more than what he is to people he's my freind

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