"Our darkest moments are the birthplace of our greatest victories!" - Roy Juarez Jr. - CEO
"Our darkest moments are the               birthplace of our greatest victories!"                                                             - Roy Juarez Jr. - CEO




A Teenagers Life


This one-hour workshop guides each participant through a series of barriers that are being faced by today's generation. Filled with statistical data on issues such as drugs, sex, and its effects. This information packed workshop allows each participant to view life through the eyes of a teenager.


My Bag, My Home 


This interactive presentation tells the story of a young man's journey from being a homeless teenager to a college graduate and business owner. This assembly will inspire and empower each participant through a series of powerful and compelling stories of the struggle to survive and not give up on your dreams. My Bag, My Home is a model for personal change and a journey that will never be forgotten! Hear and learn the power of dreaming, mentoring, and desire for a better life can bring!



The Power of a Mentor


The power of a mentor is designed to assist the participant in understanding the value of both being a mentor and mentee. Through definition and Roy's personal insights that took him from the streets of San Antonio as a homeless teenager to appearing on CNN and in the New York Times Best Seller series, Chicken Soup for the Soul.



G.O. F.I.S.H.I.N.G


G.O. F.I.S.H.I.N.G. is an interactive workshop designed to equip parents, teachers, and service providers with 9 practical principals on how to reach and work with today's generation. A series of interactive stories provide a glimpse into the life of what it is to be part of today's youth generation. Participants will learn how to build effective relationships that bring about change. 



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Keynote Topics


         - Motivational                             - Change

         - Youth Challenges                     - Goal Setting

         - Leadership                                - Diversity

         - Personal Growth                      - Mentorship

         - Entreprenurship                       - Understanding-


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