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IMPACTtruth Releases Actress & Speaker

April Hernandez Castillo's new book!


Known for her riveting performance as "Eva" in the movie, Freedom Writers, April Hernandez Castillo was living the Hollywood dream. However, behind the glitz and glamour was a woman dealing secretly with a traumatic past.  


Embracing Me is an inspirational story of resilience, forgiveness, and overcoming adversity.  

ROY: A Documentary

New Co-Authored eBook to Help Families

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives dramatically and is now rewriting our norms. It has uprooted our lives, and become one of the most significant wake-up calls of the century. Mother Nature has officially put us in a “time-out.” 


It is up to us to figure out what lessons She is trying to teach us.


Through the lens of two different generations, 4 Steps to Not Allowing the Pandemic to Affect your Home is a labor of love that encourages coming back to the basics of family, love, faith, and hope.


Allow these 4 steps to help you during this “time-out” to self-reflect, strengthen your family bond, and identify what really matters in life. (Print Copies Coming Soon!)

A Story that Inspired A Nation

Homeless by Choice - A Memoirs of Love, Hate, & Forgiveness

At the age of 14 years old, Roy found himself homeless due to domestic violence. He moved from house to house to survive. With only a duffle bag to call home, he was at the mercy of the streets. After navigating his way to college, Roy swore to never return to that life again. However, one dream would change it all. 


This riveting memoir journeys through Roy’s decision to live homeless once again, but this time, Homeless by Choice, with a mission to inspire youth to never give up on life, their dreams and understand the power of higher education. This journey would lead him to uncover the hidden issues that plague America’s youth. Surprised by what he finds, Roy is forced to face his own childhood and the demons that have haunted him for years.

Order your copy at www.IMPACTmemoirs.com

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