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- Roy Juarez Jr.

"Don't let your past dictate who you are but let it be a part of who you will become!"


Name: Tammy Juarez

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Food: Hamburgers

Hobbies: Reading a good book, dancing, hanging out with friends, going to concerts, and spending time with my daughter.


Tammy is the second oldest of all the siblings. She was named after a movie character played by the actress Debbie Reynolds.


As a baby Tammy was a bit different from all of her other siblings. Momma Amy joking, truthfully, but lovingly says, Tammy was such a cry baby! She cried for everything!


Tammy grew out of being a cry baby and into a bully! She was often the cause of making Amy and Roy cry! Today Tammy jokingly says, “I am surprised my brother Roy isn’t a serial killer after all I put him through!”


What the family didn’t realize was growing up Tammy fell victim to a predator and her acts of rage stem from her lack of expressing what was happening to her.


During her teen years Tammy became a social butterfly. She found her joy in dancing and cheerleading; passions that remains with her through this very day.


Tammy was in high school when things began to spiral down. After moving from one friend’s house to another, Tammy traded in her pompoms for a job to help keep her family together and pay half the rent. You will hear Roy say, “My sister Tammy has to be the strongest one out of all of us!” and we couldn’t agree more! Today Tammy works really hard to share her love with others. It isn’t always easy for her but she really does put forth the effort.


What makes Tammy so strong in Roy’s eyes? Roy believes in being better and not bitter. The fact that Tammy has chosen to be better after everything she has being through… a child victim, homeless teenager, and more. She could have chosen to be bitter her entire life and who would blame her? However, that isn’t Tammy. She has chosen to be better and that makes her amazing!


Today Tammy is a single mother, she works two jobs. Her first job is at the rape crisis center as a hospital advocate and crisis introvention specialistas. For her second job she works as a bartender. Even with such a full-load she finds the time to help Roy operate the Homeless by Choice Tour. She is a true example of not allowing your situation to decide your future. 

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