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- Roy Juarez Jr.

Shaving It for the Tour Fundraiser

Which on of us would you like to see shave our head bald???

Tommy, Baby Ray, or Roy (me)? Cast your vote!!!


Click on the gofundme link for who you want to vote for:
[Tommy: https://www.gofundme.com/tommy-guitron-shave-the-bear]
[Baby Ray: https://www.gofundme.com/baby-ray-smooth-as-a-baby] 
[Roy Juarez Jr:  https://www.gofundme.com/roy-juarez-jr-homeless-without-hair] 


Voting will be active until 11:59 pm 12/31/17


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We invite you to have a look around and learn about all the amazing things that are happening! We have videos, pictures and literature to show our amazing work! We believe that together we can make a difference but it will take all of us! Join us in creating a better tomorrow!

If you would like to drop us a line about your experience with one of our programs... you can always write it in the Guestbook. We love reading them!

Finding Forgiveness Documentary! 

Thank you for visiting the Roy Juarez Jr. page!

We need help to make this amazing tour and documentary a reality! You can help by visiting our GoFundMe link: 

We are excited to announce we will be lauching our 2nd national tour in August of 2017!

The Documentary



In August of 2017 Roy Juarez Jr. will begin shooting a documentary about his work with youth, educators and families he encounters throughout the country


This documentary will take a close look at the issues youth in America face. A documentary crew out of Los Angeles, CA will follow Roy Juarez Jr. on his "Rescuing Our Youth - IMPACT Tour." capturing the entire experience. Roy will live homeless once again as he travels the country with a goal of inspiring over 100,000 youth, parents and educators to never give up on life, their dreams and understand the value of a higher education.


Stay tune for what's to come!

Inspirational Video of the Week.

Never allow anyone to tell you who you are or what you will become. That is for you to decide. Be the author of your own life!

- Roy Juarez Jr.

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The Documentary

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