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This Week on the Road...

The Ford Driving Dreams Tour!

I am extremely excited to announce what is happening this week!


I am partnering with the Ford Motor Company Fund, USHLI and ASPIRA Illinois for the Ford Driving Dreams Tour in a series of presentations that will inspire Chicago students to achieve their dreams, graduate high school on time and go on to college!

Video: The Roy Juarez Jr. Story!

Inspirational Song of the Week.

I heard this song in the movie “Dreamgirls” starring Beyoncé and Jennifer Hudson.  The song carried such a powerful message about owning your own voice and never giving your dreams away to anyone. I had to make it the song of the week! I hope you enjoy it.

Thought for the week:

You don't need anyone to complete you. Love yourself enough to be your own hero. Remember, You NEVER want to give your life to anyone... you want to SHARE your life. There is a difference!


Ford Driving Dreams Tour

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